“Now, you just grab the iPad, login to Parlevel, see exactly what you need, and it does it all on it’s own.” – Ruben Cortez, Route Supervisor at Dependable Vending.

Want to run a smooth micro market, office coffee, or vending warehouse? Parlevel’s technology can help you organize, streamline, and run a more efficient operation. May operators find warehouse operations challenging. Without some sort of system or technology for guidance, warehouses can quickly get messy, inefficient, and cause headaches. With Parlevel’s warehouse management system, you can organize your warehouse exactly how you want. Set areas and zonesĀ inside of your warehouse through the system, and assign the products you want assigned to each area. For example, you can have different areas for chocolate, chips, soft drinks, and more. Now, every product you have has a home, and you can keep a clean, organized warehouse.

Parlevel’s vending warehouse system also helps guide your warehouse personnel for efficient picking When prekitting for your routes, your warehouse personnel can look at the system to see exactly which product needs to be packed into which tote. They simply fire up the system on their phones or tablets, and can quickly see where the product they need to pick is located. The warehouse system even comes with a built-in timer, so you can time how long it takes your personnel to complete their assignments. Set benchmarks that are realistic and attainable, and hold your warehouse employees accountable.

You can also keep an eye on your product even when it leaves your vending warehouse. Parlevel’s system helps you track product as it moves from warehouse, to truck, to vending machine or micro market. Know exactly how much product you have and where it currently sits to gain control of your inventory. Plus, you can easily mark product as expired or damaged to identify and minimize costly spoilage.

The best part about Parlevel’s warehouse system? It is built-in to Parlevel’s comprehensive Vending Management Sytem (VMS). Once you are using the VMS, you have access to warehouse management, route planning, prekitting, analytics, product merchandising, and much much more. No add-ons, no additional costs for added features. Just complete access to the VMS that powers thousands of efficient machines all around the world.

Gain the control you’ve always wanted in your warehouse to spend less, sell more, and grow your operations.

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