State associations can help vending, micro market, and office coffee service operators just like you in tons of ways. They lobby state governments in order to make the industry more successful, your business more profitable, and your customers happier. For example, many state vending associations fight laws like soda taxes to help your business turn higher profits. Plus, your state vending association can give you a ton of ways to learn, grow, and connect with other operators!

Aside from lobbying local governments, a state vending association give you an outlet to meet other operators. It may be hard to talk shop with competitors in your specific area, but many state vending members come from all over your state. That way, you can talk to like-minded operators without hindering your local competitive advantage.

Plus, many annual meetups and events have educational sessions, guests speakers, and even recreational events like golfing to maximize your value of being a member.

Parlevel visited the Texas Merchandise Vending Association ’s (TMVA) annual convention to speak with operators from all across Texas and show you what the buzz is all about. Joining your state association can not only help you gain knowledge about the booming industry, but about growing your operation to the best it can be.