Vending is an on-the-go business. You need to effectively manage your operation from your office, at your locations, at home, and everywhere in between. With a proper vending management system (VMS), you can greatly improve the control of your business. But why stop there? A truly effective VMS helps you manage your company on the go with a mobile vending app.

Run your business on the go with Stock by Parlevel. Stock is a mobile vending app that serves as an extension of your VMS. Stock empowers you and your employees to tackle daily tasks through the power of your smartphone. Through Stock, your drivers can pull up their daily schedule of machines and service them, in real time, through their phone or tablet. Warehouse personnel can review their prekits for the day and prepare totes from the luxury of their device. Even your service technicians can create, review, and resolve tech tickets wherever they are. Stock lets you define these roles in detail, so your employees will only see information related to their position. This helps you laser-focus on tasks by employee, rather than presenting them all of the information on your business.

Don’t stay shackled to your work computer. With the Stock mobile vending app, give your team the tools they need to effectively do their jobs wherever they are. Take ultimate control of your operation in the palm of your hand. Download Stock today and get more done.


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