Adding cashless readers to your vending machines is a great way for you to boost machine sales – studies show that adding cashless can increase revenues by up to 30%! But these devices do much more than just give your customers additional ways to pay. When paired with a powerful management system, you can use cashless management tools and machine data to make precise and informed decisions about your operation that positively influence your bottom line. 

You can use the data sent by cashless devices to monitor machine inventory, receive breakdown alerts, service your locations more efficiently, and much more! Here are powerful cashless management tools that help you get the most out of your devices. 

Monitor Machine Inventory

By tracking machine inventory, you can see what products sell well and which don’t. The Parlevel VMS helps you optimize your planograms by recommending products for each slot in each machine that are more likely to sell well. With these cashless management tools, you can replace slow movers with high-demand products and watch your machine sales climb. Effective product merchandising can increase machine sales up to 15% and decrease product spoilage up to 30%.

Inventory data can also help you streamline your warehouse operations. Cut costly spoilage costs by ordering precise product inventory based on sales history across your entire operation. The VMS will monitor your inventory more closely by tracking every product as it moves from warehouse to truck to machine. 

Service More Efficiently

Eliminate unnecessary stops, and only service machines that really need it. Our VMS helps you plan your routes based on factors that are important to you like money to collect, sold outs, inventory levels, and more. With these dynamic routing tools, you can save time and money by servicing your machines more efficiently.

Save valuable time when loading your machines. Parlevel’s VMS will tell you exactly what you need to bring to your machines ahead of time. Load your truck with the exact quantity and type of product each machine on your route needs. Save up to 15 minutes per machine serviced, and eliminate product returning on your truck.

Receive Breakdown Alerts

Through cashless info, our VMS can send you machine alerts to inform you about bill jams, coin jams, compressor failures, and other machine issues as they happen. Once a breakdown is identified, you can dispatch a service technician or route driver to fix the issue right away – helping you to minimize machine downtime, and keep your machines up and selling. Plus, you can track machine issues over time to see trends on problematic equipment. 

Boost Cash Accountability

More cashless sales means less resources needed to count cash. For the cash you do collect, our VMS will track coin tube levels and cash inside your machines. Paired with money bag tracking features, you can ensure your drivers return from their routes with correct dollar amounts every time, down to the cent. 

These are just a few of the powerful tools you can use when you pair your cashless device with a VMS. With the PayPlus cashless reader from Parlevel Systems, you can utilize a 4G, EMV card reader that boosts machine sales while tapping into the most powerful VMS in the industry. Already using a different cashless device? Ask us how you can use it alongside our VMS to get more out of your reader. Contact us today to spend less, sell more, and gain control of your operation.

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