Join Rita Zarate, our Hero Support Manager here at Parlevel Systems, for 5 support tips & tricks to help you get the most out of your Parlevel technology.

1. Changing Passwords

Navigate to the settings cogwheel, and select Users, from this page search the username, and click on the edit pencil icon to the right of the username. Click the set password link and type in your password and the new password for the user, confirm the new password in the second field. As a note the password will need to have the correct password requirements listed on the right side of the page. Save your changes. 

2. Changing Products

To schedule a product change, navigate to the Vending, All machines page and click the edit pencil icon to the right of the machine you would like to edit. From the planogram tab, click on the product you would like to change, search for the replacement product in the available products search bar and save your changes. To view your scheduled product changes, click the back to planogram button, you will see the scheduled product highlighted in red. When the machine is routed, the prekit calculation will show the new product and the old product will need to be pulled by the driver. Once the machine has been marked as serviced the selection will automatically change to the selected product. As a note the selection will also need to be unpaired from other selections in the planogram in order for the scheduled product change to go through.

3. Managing Alerts

Parlevel has plenty of alert settings to help you monitor all your machines and make sure they are reporting the most up to date and accurate data. To enable or modify these settings, navigate to settings Vending, Alert Groups. From this page you can view all your individual alert groups, add a new alert group, drag and drop machines to the appropriate group, remove machines, copy the group settings, edit group name and delete the group.

To view your alert settings for the group, click on the alert icon. To enable an alert or disable, click on the toggle switch, you can also toggle where you would like to see the alert in the VMS and set individual thresholds. Once you have your alerts set, save your changes. To view machines with active alerts navigate to the Alert Icon on the top right of your VMS. You can use the filter on this page to view a date range of alerts and the description of the Alert you are looking for.

4. Modify a Prekit Group

Navigate to the Vending, All machines page and use the search filters to filter for the machine or group of machines that you would like to change. When you are ready to make your changes click the options button and select edit prekit group. A blue bar will appear with the prekit groups available in the dropdown menu. Select the new group that you would like assigned to the selected machines. A confirmation box will display the amount of machines that will be changed to this new group. If the machine is already assigned to the selected group, no change will be made to that machine. Click OK to confirm. To modify the group settings click the settings cogwheel to the right of the group name, to modify a product setting in the group, click the settings cogwheel to the right of the product. As a note, if the group setting is set to Prekit by unit, this will override the individual product settings for that group.

5. Delete a Machine

To delete a machine, navigate to the Vending, All machines page, you can use the search filters to search for a machine and click the trash can icon to the right of the machine to delete. Click OK to confirm.

If you plan on using the machine again but need to temporarily disconnect the machine, you may choose to set the machine to disconnected. To set a machine as disconnected, navigate to the Vending, All machines page, click the edit pencil icon to the right of the machine, select the Basic Info tab and Click the Disconnected Machine checkbox under Machine Options. Save your changes, if the machine has a device assigned you can remove the assigned device for use on another machine, or you can leave the device assigned to the disconnected machine. To view the machine again, navigate to the Vending, All machines page and use the Filter dropdown box and select Disconnected. This will show you all machines that have been set as disconnected in your system. The disconnected machine option can be used for machines that will be temporarily out of service, moved back to your warehouse, or not in use for the season. A disconnected machine also cannot be routed in the system and you will not be billed for machines set as disconnected.

Thanks for joining us for these Support Tips and Tricks! This information will help you run your operation even more smoothly! Have any suggestions you’d like to see covered? Let us know! 

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