Join Rita Zarate, our Hero Support Manager here at Parlevel Systems, for 5 support tips & tricks to help you get the most out of your Parlevel solutions! Join us for 5 Micro Market Ideas that will help you run a better operation!

1. Using the Product Management Tool

To access the Product Management tool, click on Markets > Product Management. From this page, click on the Product Dropdown Menu to select an already active product in your system to add to your market. Once a product is selected, your existing Markets will display underneath. Select the Asset, enter the Price, Par and select the Add/Update Checkbox to confirm which market you would like to add the product to. You can also remove a product using the remove checkbox to the right of the market and save your changes. These micro market ideas are useful for quick additions, or adding to multiple markets. You will see that the In Market column will display a Yes if the product is in that specific Market or No if the product is not yet in that market. If you need to add the same Price and Par for all markets, you can use the Price and Par Wizard on the top of the page, this will auto fill the information for all of the markets, click the add or update checkbox and save your changes. You can also increase the price or par using the percentage wizard.

2. Adding UPCs to a Market

Next up on our micro market ideas – how to add UPC’s to a product at the kiosk. Once the Product has been activated and added to the market. you will want to make sure that this product has a UPC assigned to it as well. The best way to do this is at the Kiosk. Click the My Wallet button at the kiosk, Login as a Driver, select the Product Management Tab and you will see any products without an assigned barcode highlighted in Red at the top. Click the add UPC button on the product and scan the UPC. The UPC will then be assigned to that product. If a UPC has already been assigned to this product, you will see a message to overwrite the existing UPC. You can also Add a UPC to this product if the product has multiple UPC’s available.

3. Adding Featured Products

A featured product is a product that you want to have easy access to for your customers and in a separate tab from your standard product list. Micro market ideas like this one let you include popular items, discounted items, coffee products, non UPC products such as fruit, vegetables, specialty or custom products. To add a featured product navigate to the settings cogwheel > click on Warehouse > Products. From this product page, you will need to enable the tags column. Click on the Toggle Columns Dropdown and click on tags to enable. Once that has been enabled, search for the product you would like to feature and select a tag to identify this product. This can include, featured, non-UPC, fruit, coffee or any identifier you want. Press enter to add the tag. Once the tag has been added to the products you’d like, navigate to the Markets > All Markets page and click the edit pencil icon on your Market. Navigate to the settings tab and enter the created tag in the Featured Product Tags field and save your changes. Once set, the Featured Products button will be visible now on the kiosk with all the tagged products. 

4. Scheduling an Asset for Service

Servicing an entire Market can be time consuming – especially if it’s only a few assets that need to be serviced. These powerful micro market ideas give you the ability to schedule only specific assets for service if needed. To schedule an asset, click on the Routes tab, Hover over the route and select Plan Service Route. Select an action type and click the planned checkbox to the right of the Market – the assets dropdown will appear. Click on the field to view all the assets available for that market and select an asset. You can select as many as you need or you can leave it blank to select all assets. Continue planning the route by clicking the Calculate Route button on the bottom right of the page and select Calculate Prekitting from the next page. The prekitting will only be generated for the assets selected.

5. Copying an Existing Market

As your Micro market business continues to expand, you may want to add additional markets identical to the planograms and assets you have already created. Parlevel makes it easy for you with the Copy Market feature. Navigate to Markets > All Markets, click on the edit micro market pencil icon and select the Option button on the top right. Select Copy Market from the Options dropdown. Enter the new market name and select a Location for your new Market. If you do not have the location added in your system, you can select Warehouse as a temporary option until the new location has been added. To add a new account or location, navigate to settings > Customers > Locations. You can then modify the location of the new market from the Edit Market page, Save your changes.

Thanks for joining us for these Support Tips and Tricks! These micro market ideas will help you run your operation even more smoothly! Have any suggestions you’d like to see covered? Let us know! Thanks for choosing Parlevel!

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