In today’s video we’ll show you some tips and tricks on using the stock app to help you make the most out of your Vending Management System. Let’s get started. 

Tip #1 Using the Stock App to Service a Machine or Micro Market 

To service a machine or a micro market in your system, make sure a route has already been planned for that machine or location on the day you are servicing it. Sign into the stock app with your user credentials, tap the route > location > and machine. From the machine service page you can view alerts, status of machine, device ID, Action Type, and how long ago a DEX was received. You can also scan or enter the machine’s collection bag number to use in consolidations in the VMS. You can add change, document a refund, or add a note. By tapping the prekitting button. You can view your machines prekit and modify if needed. This can help vending operators or drivers to prekit directly from a warehouse or truck. You can also use this information to verify your prekit before you service a machine and make prekit adjustments so the system can calculate exactly what will be added to the machine during service, this can prevent Inventory adjustments later. Once a successful DEX has been received, you will see the Inventory button appear, this means the machine’s inventory is ready to be verified and adjusted if needed. Remember to keep in mind that the prekit calculated by the system will automatically be added to the selections inventory to reach the Parlevel set in the system. 

Tip #2 Using Maps in the Stock App

A helpful tip when on the go, is accessing maps directly from the stock app, to do this tap on the service Route, and from the Locations page you will see a Map pin highlighted in Blue. Tap on the map Pin to choose your preferred Maps application

Tip #3 Accessing All Locations from the Stock App

Allow you or your drivers access to all of your machines and locations that are not planned on a route. To enable this setting in the VMS navigate to the User Icon dropdown menu on the top right, and click Company Settings. From this page, select the Driver Tab and click on the green edit button on the top right to enable edit mode on this page. Move the slider to set the Hide “All Locations” button to off. This will enable the All locations button on the app. This setting is useful for on the go inventory adjustments or Inventory Verification before or after service.

Tip #4 Using Tech Tickets

When logged into the Stock App, you will see a Tickets Icon on the bottom of your screen, tap on the Icon to view All Tech Tickets assigned to locations and machines, you can even create, or search for an existing tech ticket. When creating a tech ticket you can assign the location, machine, Category, select an employee and Add a Subject and Message. Once a tech ticket has been created you can tap on the ticket and scroll to the left to view more information

Tip #5 How to adjust your stock app settings 

The stock app is customizable and allows you to disable, enable or modify various settings on the app to fit your operations needs. To explore these settings, navigate to the User Icon dropdown and select Company Settings, tap on the driver tab and click on the green edit button on the top right to enable the edit mode on this page. This will allow you to move the slider to the On or Off position, To view more information on that specific setting hover over the tool tip.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks, if you have any questions or need any assistance with using the stock app or any of the settings mentioned, please feel free to reach out to us. 

Have any recommendations on tips you would like to see featured? Let us know!

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