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How to Install a Micro Market Max 2.0 Kiosk

Welcome to your Micro Market Max 2.0 Kiosk! Here, you will learn how to install a micro market kiosk. Before we get started with the physical kiosk setup, there is a handful of things that need to be completed in the VMS (Vending Management System) ...

5 Ways to Customize Your Micro Market Kiosk

Quality micro market kiosks do more than just allow your customer to select, scan, and pay. Innovative kiosks also provide you an opportunity to customize your point of sale for further benefits. Customizing your micro market kiosk and making it truly your own boosts customer...

Micro Market Max 2.0 Demo

Say hello to Parlevel’s new Micro Market Max 2.0 kiosk. In this micro market demo video, we will show you everything new on the 2.0 kiosk. This kiosk is an updated version of the original Max model and features a sleeker, more refined design, plus...