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Welcome to the Parlevel Store!

The Parlevel Store has arrived! Say hello to the one-stop-shop for all of your vending, micro market, and technology needs! You can find everything you need from Parlevel flagship products like card readers, micro markets, and VMS to necessities like high-gain antennas, MDB cables, fridges, and...

Parlevel Store Launch

                    Your One Stop Shop for Unattended Technology Visit the Parlevel Store and easily buy flagship Parlevel products like Parlevel Pay Touch credit card readers, Micro Markets, and more! Even buy essentials like coolers, high gain antennas, DEX cables, and other items. The Parlevel Store has the right tools to...

New Opportunities Ahead: Parlevel 2020 Highlights

2020 was a challenging year. It tested every company in our industry in ways we could not have imagined. However, through hard work, commitment, and innovation, we are confident we will emerge from 2020 and find new opportunities to rebuild. To all our customers and...