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How to Reopen with Confidence

As businesses around the world begin re-opening their doors, vending, micro market, and office coffee operators can begin to resume servicing their locations. As you begin to open your business back up, it is essential to start on the right path to a successful reopening.  At...

Our Passion: Helping Operators Thrive

Our number one goal here at Parlevel is the success and well-being of our customers. Through our products and services, we help micro market, vending, and delivery operators thrive. One side-effect of our customer-centric approach is hearing awesome feedback from the people and businesses we support!  Igor,...

4 Benefits of Credit Card Readers

Looking to go cashless in your vending operation? Deploying credit card readers has a huge positive impact on your business. Here are four ways credit card readers will improve your business! 1. Boost Sales -  Installing cashless devices can drive machine sales. Experience higher...