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2021 Vending Industry Trends

2020 brought many challenges to the vending, micro market, and office coffee industry. These challenges, however, bring new opportunities for savvy operators. These opportunities, coupled with the right action, can increase your success in the coming year. Here are 3 industry trends to watch in...

New Opportunities Ahead: Parlevel 2020 Highlights

2020 was a challenging year. It tested every company in our industry in ways we could not have imagined. However, through hard work, commitment, and innovation, we are confident we will emerge from 2020 and find new opportunities to rebuild. To all our customers and...

hubz Smart Cooler

Retail is changing rapidly. As our world becomes more fast-paced, customers expect to have convenient access to the products they love, wherever they are. Businesses need to keep up with these demands with a solution that allows them to securely sell any product in any...