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Parlevel Pay Plus Card Reader Installation

Hello, my name is Rita, and today I’ll show you the Pay Plus card reader installation process. First, let’s open the PayPlus box and see what comes with the device. Inside the box is a PayPlus cashless device, a standard cellular antenna, a Bluetooth antenna, an MDB wire...

Parlevel Pay Touch Card Reader Installation

Today, we'll show you how to install a Parlevel Pay Touch card reader on a machine. Here's how to get started with the touch card reader installation: The items needed for the touch card reader installation: A Pay Touch device, a Backplate (will be attached to device) A Pay...

How to Install a Micro Market Max 2.0 Kiosk

Welcome to your Micro Market Max 2.0 Kiosk! Here, you will learn how to install a micro market kiosk. Before we get started with the physical kiosk setup, there is a handful of things that need to be completed in the VMS (Vending Management System) ...