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5 Micro Market Tips with HGV

Tim Ray and Michael Ray of Healthy Generation Vending have been around since 2007. Over the last fifteen years, a fanatical approach to customer service and a reliance on cutting-edge technology has transformed the business into a Houston powerhouse that operates hundreds of machines and...

Micro Market Management System

Parlevel micro markets help you give your customers an easy way to scan, pay, and enjoy delicious products conveniently. But our micro markets give you much more than that - they’re backed by a robust micro market management system that helps you spend less, sell...

5 Features Your VMS Must Have

A Vending Management System or VMS is a critical piece of technology for unattended food and beverage operators. A VMS provides businesses with tools to take control of their operations while spending less, selling more, and improving efficiency. But not all VMSs are equal -...