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Micro Market Presentation Template

  CUSTOMIZE THE PRESENTATION TO FIT YOUR BUSINESS We’ve created a Micro Market template you can use to close accounts. Input your company name, logo, and more to make the presentation truly your own.     PERSUASIVE STATS & GRAPHICS Show locations why they need a Micro Market from you. This presentation...

Micro Market Theme Pack 2

Want to leave an impression with your Micro Market setup? Try changing the theme on your Parlevel Kiosk! Changing your theme up will keep your market fresh and leave a positive impression on your customer. Depending on the location, you can change the theme to keep them...

New Micro Market Themes

Want to add some flavor to your micro market setup? Try adding a theme to your Parlevel kiosk! Themes are a great way for you to increase engagement with your customer. You can set different themes to appeal to different demographics in each location! For...