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Successful Unattended Retail Management

Parlevel Systems provides powerful hardware and software solutions for the unattended retail industry. Our vending management tools, cashless readers, micro markets, hubz smart stores, and Cater campus solutions help you bring convenience to every location that needs it. All of this equipment, together with your...

Stock – Mobile Vending App

Vending is an on-the-go business. You need to effectively manage your operation from your office, at your locations, at home, and everywhere in between. With a proper vending management system (VMS), you can greatly improve the control of your business. But why stop there? A...

Stock – Enhance Your Service with Mobile Vending, Micro Market, OCS App

What if your driver could accurately service his route using just his tablet or mobile phone? Say hello to Stock by Parlevel - a free mobile vending app to increase the efficiency of vending, micro market, and office coffee / dropoff operations. Stock lets your drivers view their daily routes,...