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Beat the Competition with Technology & Micro Markets

Are you facing fierce competition in your area? Technology will help you win the battle. Chris Cosentino of Take a Break Vending has serviced the Bakersfield, CA area for almost 20 years. Through a combination of excellent service, Parlevel's technology, and embracing micro markets, he...

The Truth About Vending Management Systems

Vending Management Systems (VMS) help vending operators run their businesses more efficiently. Remote machine monitoring combines with optimize tools that help operators  spend less, sell more, and optimize their operations. But just how much can vending management systems help your business? We examined real data from Parlevel's vending...

Vending Profits Parlevel
(Video) FAQ: How Do You Know Your Actual Vending Profits?

[vc_video link=""]   In vending, it can be difficult to know how much money your operation is actually making. Between slim margins, potential employee theft, and hard-to-use accounting programs, getting a firm grasp on your vending profits can be difficult. Here are 3 ways to know exactly...

Parlevel Vending Technology to Win Accounts
5 Ways Vending Technology can Help You Land Accounts

Different vending companies have different sets of goals. Some operators want to optimize current machines, while others look to effectively manage an expansion. Regardless of their ambitions, one goal remains constant across numerous vending operations: landing profitable accounts. Finding and securing accounts that turn a significant...

Parlevel PR
Press Release – Parlevel Driver App Delivers Efficiency For Vending Operators

San Antonio, TX, December 22, 2015 — Parlevel Systems, the fastest growing provider of vending management solutions (VMS) for vending operators and office coffee services (OCS) providers, announced the availability of the Parlevel Driver App, the latest addition to its Vending Management System (VMS) product...

Implementation Questions Vending
Top 5 Questions to Ask a VMS Company before Implementing Vending Software

Vending management software (VMS) has countless benefits for a vending company. From better control to increased efficiency, effective vending software has the tools to help any vending operation run more efficiently. However, getting the vending software up and running doesn’t happen overnight.  Machines need to...