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VMS and Healthy Vending
How the Expanding Healthy Vending Market can Help Your Vending Operation Flourish

Is Healthy Vending Realistic for Small Vendors? During my training as a vending route driver, I have been thinking about the movement towards healthy vending for customers and how, logistically, a vending machine operator could work with product that spoils much faster than traditional vending snacks. Shadowing my...

Innovations in Vending: Unique Vending Machines that Demand to Speak to You

[vc_video link=""] In this series of blogs, we want to take a step back from the technology and talk about people and their interactions and engagement with unique vending machines. Stories ranging from cameras in vending machines to talking vending machines, we will talk about it all....

Healthy Vending
4 Surprising Products that Are Found in Healthy Vending Machines

The words “candy” and “healthy” do not often meet together in the same sentence. We tend to think of the term “healthy” as food that is natural or somehow beneficial for our bodies. For “candy,” we think the opposite, delicious yet sugary and unhealthy. Of...

Successful Vending Operator
Be the Successful Vending Operator Your Vending Company Needs

The CEO of Parlevel Systems, Luis Gonzalez, recently wrote a blog  regarding his thoughts on what other experts in various industries say about being a CEO and a successful vending opeartor. In essence, in his opinion, there is no “one type fits all” kind of...

How to Deal with Negativity on Social Media

The Internet is a big place, but it is also a place for people to easily hide their identities and use harmful language against someone or an organization simply to cause a stir. These people are called trolls and should be ignored, blocked, or removed...

Parlevel VMS
Parlevel Systems – Who We Are

Parevel Systems is a company founded on the idea of connecting everyday objects to the Internet. Parlevel built a simple, yet powerful VMS solution to connect vending machines to the Internet to provide real time sales data, financial reports, intelligent routing, breakdown alerts, and inventory controls, among...