There is an overwhelming chance that you are reading this blog post via an Internet browser and that you accessed this blog either by clicking a link or typing in the web address. In fact, you probably look up information on a daily basis all online. Need directions to somewhere? Use a maps application or Google Maps. Need to connect to friends and family? Try a social network like Facebook. Need to look up the dates of the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Check out Wikipedia. Knowing all of this, why not have a website for your vending services?

In this blog post, we will provide ten reasons why having a vending website will provide beneficial vending services for vending machine operators and their business expansion.

1. It gives credibility to your vending services

Every major company has a website; every startup has a website; many other small businesses in other industries have websites; competitors have websites; the list goes on. Vending is a business that has been around for decades, but even if vendors’ machines are 20-30+ years old does not mean that they have to follow business practices that are old, as well. Adding a website into your vending services gives vendors credibility in the information age because people have come to rely on the Internet to get information about almost everything.

2. Website is always on

Sometimes, vendors have to eat, sleep, and spend quality time with their families, but online vending services do not. Vendors cannot always answer the phones to answer questions or pushing their businesses to the next level. The great thing about websites is that they are always on and available not for current clients only but future ones, as well, which brings us to…

3. New clients can easily access it

When my friend at Chow Time Vending got his website up and running, he started receiving requests for vending machines almost immediately. Some were good, others not as good, but he was getting attention. People wanted his vending services, and now, they were able to find him easily. Vendors without websites should give new clients a chance to find them and inquire about getting vending services. More business is always a good problem to have.

4. Low cost marketing

If people are able to understand what a vending business can offer and become interested by promotions or different types of vending services, then having a website is a great idea. If vendors have something great to offer, then they should let people know. However, even better for the vendor is that giving people that information will not cost vendors very much. Vendors should compare prices and quality of all the options they have for getting a website built, if they choose to go that route, in order to get the most out of the investment.

5. Answer frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Instead of having vendors’ inboxes filled with requests for information about their vending services, machines, or products served, having a FAQ section on the website will take care of all the questions that most people will have. This way, vendors can focus on answering better questions and build better understanding with their clients.

6. Improve customer serviceParlevel VMS

In my time with Chow Time Vending, our phone system went down, so when customers had complaints or were calling for service, no one could pick up because no one was informed about what was going on. At the time, my friend did not have his website up and running, so people had no idea where else to turn to. They would have to wait until the route driver would come to service the location, and sometimes, they are not sure when the route driver comes. Is it once a week? Twice a month? Less? Customers want to get their problems fixed now, and adding a website to your vending services can give them the information they need to reach out and get that help, whether it be through an email, a comment box, a complaint section, anything.

7. Offer convenience

We live in the age of the smartphones, tablets, wireless Internet, and laptops. People can access the Internet anywhere they are with practically any device that can fit in their hands. Vendors should give customers the convenience of having a website because there is so much information about vending services that can be pulled and shared from there. Also, if customers are very happy about a vendor’s service, they can easily share the website with other people instead of having to share numbers and go through the awkwardness of cold calling.

8. Increase range of business

Vending machines are ubiquitous; they’re everywhere a person can be. This is one of the reasons why it makes vending such a great business to get into. These days, the Internet is highly accessible, whether it be from a smartphone to a desktop. Potential clients in locations that vendors may or may not have considered will be able to request for vending services and not only increase the range of business for vendors, but also increase business overall. For those looking to expand, this is a great result from something as simple as having a website.

9. See how much interest is generated

There are fantastic tools out there, such as Google Analytics, that help people better understand how other people are interacting with websites, apps, and programs. This is information vendors can use in order to better tailor their websites to increase demand for their vending services. In the same way that ParLevel Systems can help with increasing profit by offering real time data to vendors on their business, vendors can increase traffic on their websites as long as they understand how people are using their websites.

10. Websites are easier to remember than phone numbers

Have a catchy name for your vending company? Make it  part of your vending website’s address. This will make it easier for people vendors introduce their business to find out more information on their own without having to call or email someone. They can easily go to your website to find the business and remember it for when they need vending services.

As one can see, having a website puts vendors’ businesses out there to be found and can increase business and help keep current customers happy. If you’re interested to learn more about the vending industry and ParLevel Systems, please continue visiting our website and blog.