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TOUCHLESSMicro Market Packages Banner (Post-COVID)

Micro Market Max 2.0

Parlevel’s Micro Market Max 2.0 is an updated version of the original Max model. Benefit from a sleeker, more refined design plus upgraded tools that will help you service more successful micro market accounts.


Lighter, easier to move, and more attractive to your customers – Max 2.0 is a versatile breakroom solution. An improved, fish-eye camera helps you better identify and eliminate theft. An upgraded CPU and industrial grade touchscreen ensure micro market uptime and better usability. Get started with a black or white model for your next location.

Imbera Coolers

Imbera G319 – A workhorse for your micro market. The G319 is an energy efficient, high-capacity, reliable fridge for your micro market setup. From cold beverages to fresh food, this fridge excels at attractively displaying your products.

With Imbera’s hands-free door handle, you can offer your customers a safer way to check-out. Your customers can use their elbow or foot to open the door – allowing them to grab their favorite products safely and conveniently.



Hands-Free Door Handle copy
All State Rack

All State Manufacturing Displays

Tie your equipment together with All State’s shelving. Benefit from easy installation, beautiful displays, and tons of room for your products.


Plus, choose your own color of shelving with options of Oak and Stainless Steel. Provide the right design for your location, every time.

Breakroom Packages (Post-COVID)-A

Package A

Koin Virtual Market
G319 with Gravity Trays

and Hands-Free Handle

(Elbow or Foot Access)
2 Foot Display with Display Kit. Allstate


Save $200 off Retail Price!

Breakroom Packages (Post-COVID)-B

Package B

Mini Kiosk

G319 with Gravity Trays and

Hands-Free Handle

(Elbow or Foot Access)
3 Foot Display with Display Kit

and Shelf. Allstate


Save $400 off Retail Price!

Breakroom Packages (Post-COVID)-C

Package C

Max Kiosk
G319 with Lock and

Hands-Free Handle

(Elbow or Foot Access) Key
4 Foot Display with Display Kit

and Shelf. Allstate


Save $900 off Retail Price!

*Terms and Conditions:
Kiosk must be paid for within the month of March . Special may not be combined with any other offer. Applicable taxes and shipping not included.
The monthly service fee for Kiosk will begin September 1st or when the Kiosk is brought online – whichever comes first. Limited quantity available.

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