Parlevel Micro Market Upgrade – Parlevel Systems
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Trade in your old Kiosk and get credit toward a

Parlevel Kiosk or Retrofit.

Upgrade your Current Kiosks or Swap for a Parlevel Max. As low as $0 down!

Current Kiosk not getting the job done? Upgrade to Parlevel. Send us your old Kiosk and we’ll upgrade it to Parlevel’s system for as low as $0 down! Or, you can swap it out for a brand new Parlevel Max Kiosk. Parlevel Max Kiosks are durable, secure, and the only Micro Market Kiosk backed by a built-in sales and management system. Make your locations more profitable, reduce operational costs, and satisfy your customers better than ever!


Get an offer for your old Kiosk


Get a Parlevel Kiosk or Retrofit

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Ship your old Kiosk to us and get refund credit

Remotely Access Your Kiosk

Adjust prices, create promotional campaigns, monitor live inventory levels, view security cameras, and more to boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, and run a profitable Micro Market.

Easy Management and Control Applications

Route and prekit your Micro Market locations, see live inventory, optimize your merchandise, access robust performance reports, and more to increase service efficiency.

Give & Receive Great Customer Service

Our best-in-class customer support team will help you design your Micro Market configuration, assist with setup, and monitor your Kiosk so your Micro Markets stay up and running.

Intelligent Sales & Marketing Tools

Run sales promotions, access sales reports, and easily identify Micro Market best sellers. Merchandise your markets to boost location sales and customer satisfaction.

Upgrade Today!

Credit toward Micro Market retrofits or Parlevel Max upgrades is only available with turning in an old Kiosk. Credit is dependent on Kiosk model, condition, quantity, and other factors. To better determine swap credit and eligibility, contact our Sales Department at Ext. 1500.