Looking at getting into micro markets? Parlevel has you covered. Operator Tracy Tobin, owner of the General Store, describes his experience using Parlevel to successfully run his first market.

Tracy had no previous vending experience before launching his Parlevel micro market, but he did have experience with retail and merchandising. A longtime employee of Walgreens, Tracy looked at other avenues to generate additional revenue for him and his family. Tracy looked at vending, and quickly stumbled upon the micro market concept. After researching the particulars, he realized micro markets were for him. Backed by his unique background in retail, Tracy was well-suited to the business, but he still had to find the right technology partner.

Tracy went about researching numerous companies in the micro market field. As a newcomer to the world of vending and micro markets, he was looking for a partner that would not only give him great equipment, but would guide him with great advice and helpful support. Tracy gave a call to Parlevel Systems and found his perfect match.

Tracy spent over an hour and a half on the phone with one of Parlevel’s founders discussing the micro market concept and the unique capabilities of the Parlevel micro market. Tracy was sold. He would pull the trigger on micro markets and Parlevel would be his partner.

This two part video series showcases unique Tracy’s background, his experience with Parlevel’s micro market, and his success with the business model. His story goes to show that coupled with Parlevel’s technology, support team, and guidance, anybody can have success with micro markets.

Watch part two of our interview with Tracy Tobin here.