Vending Management Systems (VMS) can help vending operators run their businesses more efficiently by giving them increased insight and control over their operations. But just how much can a VMS really help your vending business?

We dove down to get the stats on what you can expect to gain when adopting a VMS. This handy vending infographic shows how helpful tools like prekitting, dynamic routing and product merchandising can help operators get the most out of their operation.

A VMS tracks machine inventory levels remotely, so operators can know what products a machine needs ahead of time. This eliminates the need to manually count machine inventory at a location. As a result, drivers spend less time to service a machine. No more counting inventory manually and no more walking back and forth from machine to truck. This can help operators increase their overall route service efficiency up to 100%.

Operators with a vending management system can also expect to see increased sales. A VMS can inform operators of what products sell well and what products sell poorly. Armed with this knowledge, an operator can offer products their customers enjoy and increase machine sales by 10-15% in the process.

When a machine is selling more product, it accumulates cash more quickly. It also means products are selling out faster. With a VMS, operators can see how much of each product is left, and how much money a machine has collected since its last service. This information lets operators service machines only when products are sold out or cash should be collected. Operators using a VMS can expect to collect almost twice as much money from their machines.

Check out this vending infographic to see how a VMS can help you save time, boost sales, and gain greater control over your vending business.

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