Want to boost sales on your vending machine? Adding a cashless reader to your machine is an easy way to do so. Studies show that cashless readers can increase machine sales up to 42%! But before you buy a cashless device, you need to know that your machine is compatible with the technology. Here are vending machine cashless requirements you need to look for before you get started:

MDB and DEX Capability

The first vending machine cashless requirements you need to check are if your machine has two main ports, the MDB and DEX Port. MDB, or multidrop bus, is a port that lets you plug in a cashless reader to your machine. DEX, which stands for data exchange, is a port that lets your machine communicate robust data to a vending management system or VMS. Most machines that are MDB capable can accept card readers, but not all of them. Plus, MDB-only machines can not give you in-depth reporting. To be safe, your machine must be both MDB and DEX capable to correctly utilize cashless readers. Check your machine manual or ask your machine seller to verify the machine has these capabilities.

Machine Upgrades

Not all vending machine cashless requirements are black and white. For example, your seller or machine manual may not mention MDB or DEX capability, but your machine may still accept the technology. Some older machines can work with cashless devices, but require a board upgrade to make the technology work. Installing a new control board can make your machine cashless capable, but keep in mind that new boards can range from $300 to $600. Make sure the ROI to go cashless makes sense before upgrading your machine.

Machine Manufacture Date

Want an easy way to know if you meet the vending machine cashless requirements? Check the manufacture date! If your machine was manufactured after 2015, chances are that it is compatible with card readers. If it isn’t, that might be a red flag that the machine doesn’t have the features you’re looking for.

Cashless Compatibility List

Still unsure if your machine is compatible? No worries! Parlevel has created a handy guide for you to check your machine. Simply visit parlevelsystems.com/cashless-compatibility to download the list!

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