What can the Cloud Do for You?

You might have heard this word floating around when talking about vending machine technology, vending management systems, or VMS. You also might have heard this word when tech savvy people talk about their iPhones or emails: “cloud.” What is the cloud?

Simply put, the cloud is a service that allows users to remotely store, manage, and process data, all through an Internet connection. For example, your email is stored in the cloud, meaning that you are able to send, receive, edit, and delete emails from any computer, tablet, smartphone, PDA, etc, anything connected to the Internet that allows you to access email.

Another example is Google Docs. Google Docs allows you to create, edit, save, and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Because it is saved in the cloud, the people you share the document, spreadsheet, or presentation with can access that information and read or make comments and changes. What influence could the cloud have on vending machine technology?

Both email and Google Docs use the cloud to power their services. There are many other services, as well, that use the cloud, such as Parlevel Systems. We use the cloud to power the software part of the vending management system vendors can use to take full control of their business and reach efficiency and accuracy they have never had before. Parlevel Systems uses this innovative vending machine technology to simplify vending operations.

The great benefit to the cloud is that it is always on and always available, no matter where a person is. In the same way you can check your email at home, in the office, or when you are out and about, vendors use this vending machine technology to receive updates on the status of their machines and use that data to make decisions wherever they are.

Parlevel’s Vending Machine Technology Provides Unparalleled Insight

Vendors benefit from this vending machine technology because VMS are constantly Parlevel Vending Machine Technologyupdated without any effort from the vendor. This means that the software gets better and better, and there is no need to install complicated programs onto computers or wait for fixes to things that vendors find problematic. If a vendor has a problem with the vending machine technology, he or she can report it, and it will be fixed right away.

With the cloud, the information stored and processed is continuously backed up, so if something were to happen, a vendor’s information is never lost and still easily accessible. A vendor can continue his or her business without any concern as to if the system is up or down.

So how does this vending machine technology work? A vending management system uses telemetry, or receiving metric data from afar, to communicate. When a customer purchases a snack, let’s say a Snickers bar, the Parlevel VMS inside of the machine knows immediately when the correct amount of money has been placed in the machine and what product has been bought. That information is sent to the cloud and available for the vendor to see. Therefore, when a machine is out of product, the Parlevel VMS reports that to the vendor, and he or she can use that information to restock the machine with more of that particular product the next time they service the machine.

In short, the cloud powers our intelligent vending management system, and it offers many benefits to vendors that make their lives easier. We at Parlevel are passionate about helping vendors access our innovative vending machine technology and making their businesses more efficient and profitable. If you want to learn more, please contact us at contact@parlevelsystems.com or leave a comment below.