Parlevel 2019 Highlights – Overview

2019 was a wonderful year. To Parlevel customers and partners, we thank you for your continued trust in us! It’s our mission every day to help you and your business succeed.

Since day one, we’ve worked hard to build a company that is customer oriented, full of powerful  solutions, and globally focused.

For seven years, we’ve worked tirelessly to accomplish those goals.

And 2019 was our best year yet – Parlevel 2019 highlights are full of successes and learning lessons that will help us serve your company better than ever.

Parlevel 2019 Highlights – Company

Parlevel as a company has grown tremendously. We now serve more than 800 vending, coffee, and micro market companies around the world while providing service in 22 countries.

Every department in the company has increased in size. In particular, we’ve grown our Customer Support, Customer Success, and Product Development departments to provide a better experience for our end-users.

We’ve expanded our international support and now provide local support in Europe. 

Parlevel is Pioneering Micro Markets in Latin America and Europe.

We are entering new Markets with new products: Campus Catering and Quick Service. 

Parlevel continues to partner with major companies in the US and abroad. Our customers range from entrepreneurs to enterprises with multi-state operations. We are also proud to have earned the trust of multi-national bottlers using our products and services. 

Parlevel 2019 Highlights – Products

Parlevel products and services continue to improve.

We launched Micro Market Max 2.0 – A kiosk with a better, more efficient design, industrial grade components for better performance, and an improved kiosk application to make the kiosks smarter and more reliable 

We added more features and different languages. The kiosks now supports English, Spanish, French, and Japanese users.

We launched Parlevel Pay Plus – A cashless payment solution that accepts EMV, major credit cards, NFC wallets, mobile payments, and more.

With Parlevel Pay Plus, we improved our transactions and deposits module to give you a better understanding of your sales and deposits.

We continue to work with our hardware partner to make the Parlevel Pay Plus devices perform better every day.

Parlevel’s VMS – the backbone of Parlevel’s products and services – keeps getting better. We released hundreds of new features and improvements for our management system for vending, coffee, and Micro Markets. To name a few: 

Improved systems speed, zero-priced items, dozens of new reports, improved machines alerts page, comprehensive warehouse orders, receipts in different languages, mobile app availability in iOS and Android, tighter security to our systems, billable tech tickets, more Micro Market themes, A major revamp to Link, our consumer ordering portal, and much more.

2019 saw the launch of our Preferred Operator Program, or POP for short. With this program, we match Micro Market locations to Parlevel customers. We’ve even partnered with major brands to find more micro market opportunities for Parlevel operators.

We’ve partnered with more financing service providers to help our customers rapidly achieve their goals. 

Parlevel 2019 Highlights – What’s Next?

In 2020, Parlevel will focus on creating more value-added products and services for our operators. The success of our customers is the most important priority we have as a company. We will invest in our services, in our products, and in more innovative solutions to help our operators sell more, spend less, and serve their customers better. Over the next year, you can expect improvements in the following products and services:

Micro Markets, Vending Management Systems, Office Coffee Service Management, Link – our customer ordering portal, mobile apps, Cater – our new campus, catering, and quick service restaurant solution, customer support, customer success, sales, billing, more international features like new languages and checkout processes, and much more.

We hope 2019 was as great year for you as it was for us. We thank you for your trust in Parlevel and we look forward to building great things together this new year.

As always, we wish you a great year ahead with much success in everything you do. 

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